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App Class Reference

#include <app.h>

Inherited by KBanking.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Change the heritage of QBanking to Banking for non-qt programs.

Definition at line 97 of file app.h.

Public Member Functions

bool addCategory (Category *cat, Category *parent)
void addDatedTransfer (RefPointer< Transfer > t)
bool addPayee (Payee *p)
void addStandingOrder (RefPointer< StandingOrder > t)
void addTransfer (RefPointer< Transfer > t)
 App (const char *appname, const char *fname=0)
virtual void appInfoTransactionsChanged (Account *a)
int exportTransactions (GWEN_DB_NODE *dbRule, const std::list< RefPointer< Transaction > > &tl)
Account * findAccount (const char *bankCode, const char *accountNumber)
Category * findCategoryById (const char *id)
Category * findCategoryByName (const char *name)
Category * findCategoryByTransactionMatch (const Transaction *t)
Payee * findPayeeById (const char *id)
Payee * findPayeeByName (const char *name)
Payee * findPayeeByTransactionMatch (const Transaction *t)
RefPointer< Transfer > findTransferByTransactionId (GWEN_TYPE_UINT32 id)
int fini ()
std::list< Account * > & getAppAccounts ()
const std::list< Category * > & getCategories ()
std::list< RefPointer< Transfer > > getDatedTransfers ()
GWEN_DB_NODE * getExportRules ()
GWEN_TYPE_UINT32 getFuzzyThreshold () const
GWEN_TYPE_UINT32 getLastVersion () const
bool getMatchingTransactions (GWEN_DB_NODE *dbRule, std::list< RefPointer< Transaction > > &tl)
GWEN_TYPE_UINT32 getNextUniqueId ()
const std::list< Payee * > & getPayees ()
GWEN_TYPE_UINT32 getSensitiveFuzzyThreshold () const
std::list< RefPointer
< StandingOrder > > 
getStandingOrders ()
GWEN_DB_NODE * getTransactionMatcherRules ()
std::list< RefPointer< Transfer > > getTransfers ()
virtual bool importContext (AB_IMEXPORTER_CONTEXT *ctx, GWEN_TYPE_UINT32 flags)
int init ()
int loadCategories ()
int loadPayees ()
bool optionAutoAskForPayee ()
bool optionAutoAssignPayee ()
bool removeCategory (Category *cat)
bool removePayee (Payee *p)
void reparentCategory (Category *cat, Category *newParent)
bool ruleAppliesToTransaction (GWEN_DB_NODE *dbRule, const Transaction *t)
int saveCategories ()
int savePayees ()
void scanAllJobs ()
void scanJobList (AB_JOB_LIST2 *jl)
void setExportRules (GWEN_DB_NODE *db)
void setFuzzyThreshold (GWEN_TYPE_UINT32 i)
void setOptionAutoAskForPayee (bool b)
void setOptionAutoAssignPayee (bool b)
void setSensitiveFuzzyThreshold (GWEN_TYPE_UINT32 i)
void setTransactionMatcherRules (GWEN_DB_NODE *db)
void sortCategories ()
bool updateAccountList ()

Static Public Member Functions

static GWEN_TIME * adjustedDate (const GWEN_TIME *pt)
static TEXTMATCHER_OPERATION string2TextMatcherOperation (const char *s)
static const char * textMatcherOperation2String (TEXTMATCHER_OPERATION op)

Protected Member Functions

virtual std::string tr (const char *s)

Private Member Functions

void _adjustRules (GWEN_DB_NODE *db)
Category * _findCategoryById (Category *where, const char *id)
Category * _findCategoryByName (Category *where, const char *name)
Category * _findCategoryByTransactionMatch (Category *where, const Transaction *t)
int _getCategoriesFileName (GWEN_BUFFER *bdir)
int _getPayeesFileName (GWEN_BUFFER *bdir)
int _loadCategoryFile (const char *fname)
bool _ruleAppliesToTransaction (GWEN_DB_NODE *dbRule, const Transaction *t, bool prematched)
bool _textMatches (const std::string &text, GWEN_DB_NODE *dbR)

Static Private Member Functions

static void _sortCategories (std::list< Category * > &cl)

Private Attributes

std::list< Account * > _accounts
std::list< Category * > _categories
GWEN_DB_NODE * _exportRules
GWEN_TYPE_UINT32 _fuzzyThreshold
GWEN_TYPE_UINT32 _lastCategoryId
GWEN_TYPE_UINT32 _lastPayeeId
GWEN_TYPE_UINT32 _lastUniqueId
GWEN_TYPE_UINT32 _lastVersion
bool _optionAutoAskForPayee
bool _optionAutoAssignPayee
std::list< Payee * > _payees
GWEN_TYPE_UINT32 _sensitiveFuzzyThreshold
GWEN_DB_NODE * _xaMatcherRules

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